Safety Issues Cause New Dededo Pool To Close


Guam – Over a week ago there was a ribbon cutting ceremony to launch a new pool, 4 baseball fields and an exercise trail at the new sports faculties added to the Harmon Loop Sports Complex in Dededo.


The new pool is now closed to the public due to safety issues. Apparently the brown paint applied to the concrete surface, that surrounds the pool, becomes very slippery when it gets wet. Department of Parks & Recreation administrator Joe Mendiola says on opening day while watching the children swim in the pool, he realized that there was a potential liability and contacted All Pool and Spa, a subcontractor for Orion Construction Corp contractor to address the problem.

Mendiola says, “Yesterday I was told that they are going to strip the paint. At one point they said they were going to get an anti skid paint and apply it to the deck. I think that was going to happen . Maybe they couldn’t find the anti skid product to apply it to the concrete surface. To them maybe stripping the paint was the best solution.”

Mendiola says the only surface areas that will be painted at the pool will be the no running warning signs on the surface that surrounds the pool and the depth of the water. Mendiola believes that the pool will reopen and be ready for business by next Friday.