VIDEO: CNMI Employees Get Paid on Time for First Time This Year


Guam – CNMI Government employees are breathing a sigh of relief. Payroll will not be delayed this week.


Civil servants were paid on time Thursday. That’s because cash collections brought by the January 31 deadline for filing business Gross Revenue tax has temporarily solved  the government’s severe cash shortage.

The CNMI government needs to come up with some $4 million to meet payroll every two weeks.

Today marks the first time since 2011 started that payroll will not be delayed for government employees.

Payroll for non-critical service employees has been delayed at least nine times since June 2010.  To make matters worse, most of those affected by delayed payroll are also subject to a 16-hour cut per payroll and unpaid holidays.

Exempted from the delayed payroll and austerity measures are doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, and corrections officers, among others holding critical positions, as well as those positions funded by the federal government.