CNMI: Froilan Expected to Surrender Speakership


Guam – CNMI Rep. Froilan Tenorio is expected to surrender the House speakership when the House of Representatives resumes their session next week.

According to the Saipan Tribune, the 17th House of Representatives will reorganize itself with representatives Stanley Torres and Teresita Santos joining the erstwhile minority bloc to form a new majority.

Minority leader Diego Benavente is expected to become the new House speaker.

Tenorio, in a separate interview, said he does not have a problem stepping down since he’s been planning to resign the speakership anyway.

Torres and Santos used to be a part of the 11-member House majority, along with three independents and seven Covenant Party members.

Torres and Tenorio reportedly had a falling out when Torres did not sign a leadership letter appointing former senator Maria Frica Pangelinan as new Legislative Bureau director. Santos, meanwhile, caught Tenorio’s ire after she’s been voting with the minority.