CNMI issues Guam travel warning due to dengue


The CNMI has issued a travel advisory for Guam, warning its residents to take precautions when traveling to Guam due to the ongoing dengue outbreak.

In an article in the Marianas Variety, Lori Lyn C. Lirio reported that the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation is urging community members to be “exceptionally careful” when visiting Guam and other Pacific areas that currently have dengue outbreaks.

The advisory was issued after the Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services confirmed six additional cases of dengue infection on Guam, with five of the six locally acquired.

There are now seven confirmed cases of locally transmitted dengue fever and three confirmed cases of imported dengue infection on Guam.

The Marianas Variety article quotes CHCC communications specialist Zoe Travis as saying that CHCC is closely monitoring the situation on Guam and other Pacific areas that have dengue outbreaks.

“We remind residents to use insect repellent and dress appropriately when outdoors to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes while off-island and for at least two weeks after returning to the CNMI,” the Marianas Variety quoted Travis as saying.