Sakman Che’lu will sail to CNMI tomorrow

The Sakman Che'lu is being readied to set sail for the CNMI.
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The Sakman Che’lu will set sail for Saipan tomorrow morning from the Hagåtña Boat Basin.

The Sakman Che’lu was built in San Diego by Skipper Mario Reyes Borja who has captained the vessel for several years and brought it here to Guam.

Borja told the Pacific News Center that he and his crew of Carolinians and CHamorus have been conducting a series of test sails before their voyage to the CNMI tomorrow.

“We have several crew members from different kinds of canoe platforms — the Carolinian platform and the CHamoru platform. And we are mixing the technologies together and the knowledge of how these canoes are handled. The navigator is from the Carolinian community and the captain is from the CHamoru community and we’re working together to make sure that the canoe can handle the best way that we, the operators, know how,” Borja said.

The Sakman Che’lu will make stopovers in Rota and Tinian before arriving at Saipan.


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