Salas Agrees to Enter Guilty Plea In Ice Trafficking Case


Guam – Henry J. Salas has agreed to enter a plea of guilty to an indictment charging him with Attempted Possession with Intent to Distribute more than 50 grams of  methamphetamine Hydrochloride, the drug known as “ice.”

The plea agreement describes an alleged smuggling operation which involved a shipment of 109 grams of “ice” shipped from California to Guam for distribution here.

According to the plea agreement, beginning in 2008, Salas and Eddie Paulino and his brother Christopher Paulino “have been engaged in trafficking methamphetamine hydrochloride (ice).”

*”In 2008 Christopher Paulino was living in San Bernadino, California.”

*”Defendant and Eddie Paulino wired money to Christopher and also to other individuals for the purpose of purchasing of ice. The ice would be shipped to Guam, where defendant, Eddie Paulino, and others would distribute it.”

Read the Plea Agreement

The plea agreement also states that:

*”Between October 1, 2008 and November 12, 2008, defendant wired $10,100 to Christopher Paulino for the purpose of purchasing ice.”

*”On November 15, 2008 Christopher Paulino shipped 109.5 grams net weight of ice to defendant, in a packaged addressed to “Baba Salas.”

Salas is scheduled to enter his guilty plea before District Court Judge Francis Tydingco-Gatewood this afternoon [Tuesday].

Salas faces a maximum sentence of life in prison with a mandatory 10 years. However Salas has agreed to fully co-operate with Federal authorities and that cooperation will be taken into consideration by the Court prior to sentencing.