Saligao Platoon Comes Home


Guam – The main group from the Guam Army National Guard’s Saligao Platoon arrived last night following completion of their deployment to

More than 25 members of the platoon came in three different flights last night, after they completed de-mobilization requirements at Camp Atterbury, IN.

Several members of the platoon’s advanced team arrived about a week earlier. The platoon deployed to Afghanistan as part of the 1st of the 178th Field Artillery, South Carolina Army National Guard. They left Guam in December, flying to Camp Atterbury to complete post-mobilization training.

Following approximately three months of mobilization training, the unit proceeded to Afghanistan sometime in March with its assigned company.
The platoon’s mission in Afghanistan was to provide security for U.S. Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) in their area of operations.

According to an U.S. Agency for International Aid (USAID) report, PRTs, which were established in Afghanistan at the end of 2002, were integrated
civilian-military organizations designed to meet three objectives: improve security, extend the reach of the Afghan government, and facilitate reconstruction in priority provinces.

The platoon was the second of three units from the Guam Army National Guard that was slated for mobilization and deployment in support of Overseas
Contingency Operations and Operation Enduring Freedom during the fiscal year 2010.

The first unit, Embedded Training Team 4, left Guam in November 2009, and was deployed to Afghanistan. Members of that team returned to Guam over the last few days.

A third unit was the Matua Platoon which was assigned to southern Philippines as part of the Joint Special Operations Task Force. The Matua
Platoon returned to Guam in early October.