Salvation Army celebrates historic visit to Guam


The London based General of the Salvation Army made a historic trip to the island of Guam alongside Commissioner Silvia Cox. 

Guam-The Salvation Army celebrated a historic visit to Guam from Salvation Army General Andre Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox who were both the honored guests at the Hope and Honor Gala. 


At the Gala, the Salvation Army also recognized other honorees who have contributed to the organization, including University of Guam Professor Dr. Michael Griffin.

Griffin has contributed to the Salvation Army for many years through various donations. 

CG Dr. Michael Griffin, UOG Professor said “They provide for needy people in small little ways that other organizations don’t. So, with their long standing rep that I’ve known for at least 50 years, I thought I could help with my small part to fund their programs.” 

The Salvation Army office is open Monday through Friday and anyone can have the opportunity to speak with case mangers to see which program helps them the best.