Salvation Army gets new leadership and they’re excited to help the community

Captains Kari and Eric Rudd take on the helm of the Guam Salvation Army. (Photo courtesy of the Guam Salvation Army)

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the island welcomes new leadership for the Salvation Army and they’re excited to get to work and help the community once their home quarantine is over.

Captains Eric and Kari Rudd arrived on Guam last week to flowers and chocolate, surprised by the hospitality of Guam’s people.

The Rudds have been in the Salvation Army for around 11 years and have helped those in need in California and Washington.

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It’s their first time on Guam and they’re just as excited to see the island as they are to help its people, such as assisting those who have been affected by the ongoing pandemic.

“Now we’re seeing families who were part of the solution coming back and saying, ‘We’re sorry, but we need help.’ But that’s exactly what we’re here for. It’s our privilege to do that. It’s a blessing. It’s really across the board. It’s not just Guam. When we were in Seattle, the families who were middle-class donors are now in need. And like I said, it’s our privilege to be able to help them during COVID,” the Rudds said.

The Rudds say their main goal once the pandemic calms down will be to break ground on the women’s program and improve services for the Lighthouse Recovery Center.