Salvation Army Lighthouse Recovery Center takes steps against ‘possible’ COVID exposure


The Salvation Army Lighthouse Recovery Center is taking extra sanitation measures against a “possible” COVID exposure.

This comes after reports that someone who tested positive for COVID-19 had entered the shelter.

LRC director Valerie Reyes sent the following statement to PNC: “Please know that we ‘may’ have been exposed. I have no confirmation documented and have not had any word from the DPHSS with contact tracing. We sanitize the shelter frequently and for today we did do extra sanitizing to safeguard the staff and clients due to the possible exposure.”

She added that they normally sanitize the shelter weekly as a precautionary measure.

“Counselors sanitize after each session. Weekly, we do what is called work therapy where the shelter is deep-cleaned. Additionally, each morning, there are duties that include a series of cleaning details. We deep-clean weekly and clean every day,” she said.