Salvation Army & U.S. Marines Team up to Bring Toys to Children in Need


This week the Salvation Army began giving toys to children from less fortunate families. The toys were donated by various organizations and people include the U.S. Marines who delivered a container full last week. 

Guam – The Salvation Army has begun giving out toys to the island’s less fortunate children.


 Toys were donated by various organizations on Guam including the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve who donated a container full of toys to the Salvation Army Friday morning. This latest donation of about 11 pallets worth of toys should allow the Salvation Army to give presents to 2,000 children of needy families. The Salvation Army’s gift giving to needy families will begin next week. “We have clients that are coming in Monday December 21st and Tuesday December 22nd and then on Wednesday December 23rd we have walk-ins and we don’t know how many are going to show up but people come with their merits and their I.D. and say we can’t afford toys this year can you please help us and we just bring them to the toy shop,” said Salvation Army Program Assistant Moriah Lutcher.

 “I’ve never seen anything like this before. If you look at all these toys back here behind me it’s just a fraction of what’s out there. I’ve never been in a community that pulls together like the community does here and I’m proud to be a part of the island,” said Major Tim Patrick of Marine Corps Activity Guam.


If you would like to inquire about the Salvation Army’s

Toys-N-Joy program call 477-3528.