San Agustin, Initially Charged With Assault, Re-Arrested for Manslaughter After His Sister Died


Guam – Anthony Acfalle San Agustin, who was originally charged with Family Violence and Aggravated Assault, has now been re-arrested for manslaughter after the woman he is accused of assaulting, died.

Guam Police Spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia says on Thursday San Agustin “was re-arrested and charged by CIS Detectives with Manslaughter.”

The incident occurred on May 4th when police responded to an complaint at a home in Dededo. There they found San Agustin’s sister, Maria San Agustin Frazier, laying on the floor.

READ the Magistrate report HERE [4th one down]

According to the Magistrate’s report, “Frazier ‘appeared to be confused and disoriented.'”  She told police she was “dizzy, and ‘continuously asked where she was and what had happened.'”  Officers also noted “blood settling within the inner portion of her right ear.'”

Another sister, Dorothea San Agustin Obina, told police that her brother, Anthony, “had ‘pushed Frazier causing her to fall backwards landing on the floor.”  

When police confronted San Agustin and read him his rights, the Magistrate report states that that San Agustin “immediately stated “‘I’m going to jail’ and admitted to officers that he had pushed Frazier, causing her to fall.”

Frazer later went into a coma and died on May 9th, after being taken off life support.