San Nicolas asks for Guam Legislature’s endorsement of H.R. 4262


Congressman Michael San Nicolas has written Sen. Amanda Shelton, requesting a legislative resolution endorsing H.R. 4262.

In his letter, San Nicolas wrote that he is hopeful that Shelton’s zeal for the passage of war claims reflected in her legislative resolution endorsing H.R. 1365 will be extended to H.R. 4262 to ensure that Guam taxpayers “finally receive the priority they deserve” in the allocation of local government resources.

H.R. 4262 specifically requires the government of Guam to process and pay a tax refund within 90 days of its individual filing, as opposed to the court order to pay within 6 months from the deadline to file.

“As often as we reflect on bi-partisan issues for the benefit of our community we likewise must be upfront about bi-partisan shortcomings. Our taxpayers have for years been de-prioritized in the allocation of resources owed to them, so much so that our own local laws go disregarded, and it is but for the compulsion of the courts that they have any relief at all,” San Nicolas wrote.

According to the congressman, his H.R. 4262 remedies this by ensuring taxpayers are paid within 90 days of a clean filing, and further strips executive privilege as an excuse to ignore local statute mandating tax refund deposits.

“I look forward to your expeditious action and advocacy on this matter that we may align the Guam Legislature with the will of the people, enacting into our Organic Act the necessary provisions to apply parity for our people with their fellow U.S. citizens,” San Nicolas stated.