San Nicolas Bill Would Allow Bail Bondsmen On Guam


Bill Does Not Allow for Bounty Hunters

Guam – Senator Mike San Nicolas has introduced a bill that would allow for licensed bail bondsmen on Guam to post bail for pre-trial detainees who are being held in prison for minor crimes. He hopes this will help reduce the prison population. 

 Does this mean we can expect Dog The Bounty Hunter on Guam? Senator San Nicolas says no. The senator explains that his bill only allows for licensed bonding agents to pay bail for detainees but it does not allow them to hire bounty hunters for detainees who may skip out on their bail. Instead he says detainees who miss their court dates will continue to be picked up by the island’s police and court marshalls. “What we’re hoping is that we’ll reduce the prison population by allowing those who are in there for minor crimes to be able to come out on bail bonds. What we’re also hoping that we’ll be able to save the government of Guam millions of dollars by having these individuals out on these bail bonds rather than sitting in our prisons at $109 dollars a day,” said Senator San Nicolas.


 Senator San Nicolas says 40 states have similar laws that allow for licensed bail bondsmen to post bail for detainees.