San Nicolas breaks silence; Accuser asks for GEC audit

Congressman Michael San Nicolas described the allegations as stemming from a number of various local government officials who are currently under an active FBI investigation.

Congressman Michael San Nicolas finally broke his silence over allegations made by his chief of staff.

San Nicolas described these allegations as stemming from a number of various local government officials who are currently under an active FBI investigation that was initiated in December/January.

San Nicolas said “During this period my office was contacted and threatened to take certain actions in order to avoid political attacks. We refused, and I immediately engaged the FBI. The investigation is ongoing, to include the recent actions taken against me and my family these past several days.”

San Nicolas said his office maintains absolute professionalism and welcomes any formal complaints to be filed as they trust the outcome of the Federal due process system will reveal that none of these have any basis.

He said local politics is dirty and that he trusts the federal system and welcomes anyone who wishes to engage his office on those terms.

He said: “We remain focused on our work, to include the planned introduction of Organic Act Amendments, which we believe further precipitated these attacks. We will not be deterred by dirty local politics – we serve the people and we will never sway from the work that we need to do to strengthen our island.”

Meanwhile, the congressman’s former staffer and campaign chairperson says that he will ask the Guam Election Commission to conduct a complete audit of San Nicolas’ campaign finances.

According to John Paul Manuel, in an interview with Andrea Pellacani on Newstalk K57, the congressman would use vague terms such as “marketing” to explain the purpose of such expenses.

“The Guam Election Commission – like I said – should conduct a full audit of his campaign finances. See all the receipts for all the receipts he’s reimbursed himself for. I can go over it with them and explain to them all the things that were inappropriate. I’m sure that they can see them on their own because a lot of those things are personal meals…the hotel room in Manila …,” Manuel said.


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