San Nicolas confident about NDAA vote in House

A previous version of the NDAA did not include authorization for construction of the public health laboratory

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas is confident that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is up for a vote tomorrow in the House, will be passed.

The NDAA includes about $662.8 million in funding for military construction on Guam. It also extends the H-2b labor authorization on Guam to civilian projects.

“We anticipate passage of the NDAA,” San Nicolas said during his address before the Rotary Club of Tumon. “We’re hopeful that we’re going to have a strong bipartisan passage although there have been some strong words coming out of the White House that there may be a veto.”

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According to San Nicolas, President Trump has made it known that he will veto the NDAA unless language is included that will strip certain online media companies of certain protections.

“The vote count will be a very big factor. If there is a resounding bipartisan veto-proof vote tomorrow in the House, it’s pretty likely that this would carry through into the Senate. That should send a signal that a veto would be a mistake,” the congressman said.

If, instead, the voting tomorrow is made according to party lines, San Nicolas said the door to a veto may open up.

“We’re hoping that doesn’t happen, of course, for obvious reasons, but also because of the fact that the NDAA itself also includes critical language for pay raises for military personnel,” San Nicolas said.

He said that every member of the military across the country would support this provision of the NDAA because their lives are on the line and they are the ones who defend and protect the freedoms that we enjoy in this country.

“So we’re gonna be watching the vote on the NDAA very, very closely. But again, our understanding is that passage is a certainty,” San Nicolas said.