San Nicolas: Federal war claim payments have begun

Guam Delegate to Congress Michael San Nicolas (file photo)

Some war claimants may have received checks from the U.S. Treasury recently and more are on the way.

“We have confirmed with the Treasury that payments have started going out to those claims that have been adjudicated and payee information validated,” said Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas in a news release this morning.

“We are thankful that the Treasury is moving these payments forward during these extraordinarily busy times. The recipients have waited for so long and need it most especially now,” said San Nicolas.

“We encourage all adjudicated claimants who have received a request for validation to do so quickly so that their payments can be processed,” Congressman San Nicolas continued.

To date, the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC) has adjudicated 2,676 living survivor claims, with 552 remaining [*1704(a)(1)].

80 deceased claims have been adjudicated, with 408 remaining [*1704(a)(2)].

*1704(a)(1) claims are those who filed living for marches/labor, injury, severe bodily injury including maimed;

*1704(a)(2) claims are those filed by descendants for those who were killed during the occupation.

“We anticipate that many adjudicated and validated claims will be paid in the month of June and into July,” said San Nicolas. “We are also pleased that the rate of adjudication has accelerated, making us optimistic that all claimants should be paid before the end of the year.”

“It is heartwarming to know we have sailed this ship into port, and encourage the local government to use the same funding source at the conclusion of this program to pay out all remaining claimants and their dependents that were unable to be a part of this process,” he concluded.