San Nicolas: Federally funded pay increases for essential employees under discussion

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas said these critical federal resources which comprise nearly 50% of the entire local appropriation for education will markedly improve Guam's readiness for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to restart face-to-face learning and work to fill any gaps in virtual learning, (PNC file photo)

Senate Democrats are floating proposals collectively referred to as the HEROES Act to pay essential employees across the country up to $13/hour on top of their regular pay, capped at a $25,000 salary increase to the end of 2020.

“These discussions are preliminary but serious,” Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas said. “While we move strongly to help those who lost their jobs or hours, and support businesses with operational SBA loans, we recognize that essential employees keeping the country running during these times need to be supported and recognized.”

Congressman San Nicolas said he will keep the people of Guam updated as proposals shape into legislation.

“In the meantime, we deeply thank essential workers for their sacrifice and wish for them to know that financial support for your efforts are taking serious shape in the Congress,” San Nicolas said.