San Nicolas calls Governor’s assessment of aid package ‘inaccurate and premature’


Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas has taken exception to the Governor’s interpretation of the Senate aid package.

He called the Governor’s assessment of the funding that may be available to Guam grossly inaccurate and premature.

San Nicolas posted a lengthy video on Facebook explaining the status of coronavirus relief efforts in Congress which he said could amount to as much as $300 million or more for Guam.

He said that would include $1,200 for every individual taxpayer who makes $75,000 or less.

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” On top of that, you’re going to get $500 per child. And so for a typical household, you’re looking at $2,400 dollars for Mom and Dad and if you have 3 kids that’s another $1500 so you’re looking at a total of $3,900 dollars. That’s going to be paid just one time,” San Nicolas said.

In response, the Governor said her remarks were not premature but an accurate reflection of the discretionary funds that are included in the Senate bill. She highlighted that funding because it is immediate and will allow her to apply those funds to areas most in need.

She also acknowledged that there will be millions of more dollars in additional aid programs that will benefit Guam which will amount to much more than just $111 million.

Meanwhile, San Nicolas provides the following update on the status of the coronavirus relief efforts in Congress: