San Nicolas: Guam can get $3.1 billion under new House COVID relief bill

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas says the island stands to gain more than $3.1 billion if a new coronavirus relief bill is passed. He held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to explain how.

Another round of economic assistance may be coming our way if Congress passes the House’s latest $2.2 trillion COVID relief bill.

Under the bill, another round of $1200 one-time payments will be issued.

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The $345 dollar and $600 dollar weekly unemployment payments will also resume. The payments will be backdated to July 31 and run through Jan 31, 2021.

If passed, the bill will also provide more than $370 million for education, more than $446 million for healthcare, and $1.17 billion for GovGuam operations.

San Nicolas says the bill provides a unique opportunity to not only provide relief to those suffering financially from the pandemic, but to invest a historic amount of money in things like education and healthcare, as long as the money is used wisely.

“We really should not be operating under the assumption that there’s going to be an endless pool of resources after this. But this is significant enough, and I believe if we make the right decisions with this, we’re going to be able to achieve what I’m describing,” San Nicolas said during the news conference.

Whether any of these come true depends on whether the bill makes it through Congress. San Nicolas says the bill may clear the Democrat-controlled House as early as this week. Afterward, it will be sent to the Senate, which has a Republican majority.