San Nicolas: House to ‘advance’ INVEST in America Act; Guam’s highway funding could double

Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas says that the House Congressional leadership today announced their intent to advance a bill that could double Guam’s federal highway funding.

H.R. 2, the Invest in America Act, proposes billions of dollars in spending to upgrade the nation’s infrastructure.

If it becomes law, it would increase the annual Territorial Highway Plan funding by 138%.  That would mean that Guam’s allotment would rise from $16.8 million now to $40 million annually, according to a news release from San Nicolas.

“This 138% increase in annual Territorial Highway Plan money will mean we will more than double the amount of roads we can pave and upgrade every year to improve our driving experience and safety,” said San Nicolas. “For decades we have wanted more resources to fix our roads and now we can anticipate to more than double the annual federal money we receive to do so.”

“We are grateful for the focus of House Leadership to move this infrastructure bill forward during this time,” said San Nicolas. “It will serve a dual purpose of rebuilding our infrastructure and stimulating our economy out of COVID-19.”

“As H.R. 2 moves forward I would like to thank my fellow Territory colleague from the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Hon. Stacey Plaskett, for her leadership to ensure the highway formulas remained intact as we worked to secure more funding, that we anticipate to pass the House before the summer recess,” concluded the Congressman.