San Nicolas interviewed by CNN on Guam Guard cookie delivery brouhaha

Congressman Michael San Nicolas being interviewed on CNN (CNN screen capture)

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas was interviewed by CNN no less on his use of Guam National Guard troops in delivering cookies to Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office.

San Nicolas delivered the cookies to Greene after the congresswoman sparked controversy when she lumped Guam with foreign countries undeserving of U.S. aid.

The use of the Guam Guard has been condemned by conservative news sites and social media commentators who said that the military was being politicized.

But in his interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar, San Nicolas said he was just taking the Guam Guard personnel on a tour of the Capitol.

“We actually visited multiple member offices. We tried to deliver good news to Congresswoman Greene. We delivered a local dish from Guam, chicken kelaguen, to our Speaker’s office to our Majority Leader’s office, and to the Majority Whip’s office. So we were very honored to be able to take our Guardsmen on a tour. It was maybe the third one that I’ve done with while they’ve been out here. And, you know, they’re very honored to meet the members of Congress,” San Nicolas said.

With regard to the criticism of using military service members as political props, San Nicolas said this is unfounded.

“Cookies should never be considered a political prop and neither should our military. But goodwill is absolutely something that we wish to extend from Guam to everybody. And my Guardsmen wish to extend the same and we’re very honored to be able to facilitate that,” San Nicolas said.

He added that his action is a very appropriate thing to do, especially when certain members of Congress may not be very familiar with Guam. “And we’re going to continue that outreach. It’s a very, very positive thing to do,” San Nicolas said.

The Guam congressman also took the opportunity to communicate to CNN’s global audience that Guam continues to be an unincorporated territory.

“What we should be more concerned about is that this is actually the 500th anniversary of colonialism on Guam and we continue to be an unincorporated territory of the United States. We have Guardsmen, we have servicemen who are unable to vote for President. Those are the things we should be talking about. How are we putting Americans in harm’s way when they’re not even able to elect the people who are making those decisions? I think that’s something we should be talking about,” San Nicolas said.

As for the charges of politicizing the military, San Nicolas said he’s going to leave this determination to the military.

“I don’t think anybody should be going out and calling themselves an expert and speaking on behalf of the military, I think experts would know that the military is going to discern this based on their own analysis,” San Nicolas said.

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