San Nicolas now recuperating at home; says his medical condition has improved

Congressman Michael San Nicolas posted a video on Facebook from his home after being discharged from Guam Memorial hospital.

Congressman Michael San Nicolas’ medical condition has improved and he is now back home after spending time at the Guam Memorial Hospital.

In a post on his Facebook page, San Nicolas said he was hospitalized for two days and two nights and received multiple steroid IVs, Azithromycin IV, and 4 nebulizer treatments.

“Thanks to great care and most especially ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS, my condition has improved,” the Congressman stated.

According to San Nicolas, he continues to test negative for COVID-19, his viral pneumonia inflammation has been brought down, and oxygen levels brought up, “to a point that we no longer need hospitalization.”

Over the coming days, San Nicolas said he will continue an extensive steroid/azithromycin/nebulizer regimen and doctor-ordered rest as he recovers.

“Your outpouring of support and prayers made all the difference, and it is something my heart will never forget,” the congressman stated.

The candidates running against the congressman this election — Dr. Robert Underwood and Sen. Wil Castro — have both said they wish San Nicolas well and are praying for his recovery.