San Nicolas readies second Organic Act amendment to fix tax refunds

Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

After announcing an initial Organic Act Amendment putting the power of local tax increases into the hands of the people, Congressman Michael San Nicolas has announced that a second draft is in process.

“Our data clearly shows that the law to deposit tax refunds has not been followed for many years and sadly that trend continues to this day. Currently, we are over $21 million short in mandated tax refund deposits — a 28.71 percent shortfall to mandated local totals — and as such we will now move forward an Organic Act amendment to compel the deposit of tax refunds, as prescribed by local Guam law,” the congressman stated in a news release.

San Nicolas said this second Organic Act Amendment draft is consistent with his track record of fighting for tax refunds, and was proposed in his Resolution 310-34 seeking an Organic Act Amendment in the 34th Guam Legislature.

“Not only was the solution proposed in Resolution 310-34 not embraced by local leadership back then, we can clearly see a complete lack of attention from local leaders today, with tax refunds flowing to their slowest pace in years and local politicians complicit in their silence,” the congressman said.

He added: “We can either slip further backward, or we can compel these deposits once and for all in the Organic Act and solve this problem for our people.”