San Nicolas recognized as 1 of freshmen representatives able to pass bill into law

Guam Delegate to Congress Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

Congressman Michael San Nicolas is one of only 15 out of 111 freshmen members of Congress to pass a bill into law.

This according to a report from Quorum, a public affairs software company that helps professionals track legislative activity and policy changes.

In 2018, the largest number of new members of Congress were elected since the 1970s, with 111 newly elected representatives taking the oath of office. Out of 111 freshmen elected to the 116th Congress, Quorum reports San Nicolas as one of 15 members who actually passed a bill into law so far this term.

Specifically, Quorum recognized San Nicolas’s efforts in passing H.R. 1365, which enabled federal war claims payments to be made to eligible Guam war survivors.

Reacting to the report, San Nicolas said: “We are humbled that the significance of our work to finally deliver War Claims payments to our people was further significant as one of only 18 bills passed by 15 out of 111 freshmen, putting Guam’s outcome ratio in the top 16% of the largest Congressional class since the 1970s.”

He added: “Outcomes are what matter and we look forward to supporting our colleagues as they too work hard to deliver for their constituents; further, we are heartened that the empty promises and negative politics of this political season continue to wilt, because when all is said and done it is not the ugliness of politics that matters, but the confidence that comes with delivering meaningful outcomes for the people we serve.”