San Nicolas seeks federal review of Guam gas prices

(Fox News / iStock photo)

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas has re-engaged the Federal Trade Commission to include Guam in their review of oil and gas price activities in the United States.

The FTC is currently ramping up oversight of oil and gas markets to prevent unlawful practices that harm Americans at the pump.

“We started this work in the Guam Legislature when I was a Senator, and were unsuccessful in getting the Congressional office at the time to push the FTC to review our gas price issues on Guam,” San Nicolas said in a news release.

“As Guam’s Congressman we are re-engaging the FTC on the issue of Guam gas prices, as they have indicated a nationwide effort is underway to look into oil and gas price manipulation under the Biden Administration, and we are looking forward to working closely with them for Guam gas price activity to finally be evaluated federally,” he added.

According to San Nicolas, the FTC has already responded and he will keep the community apprised as new information becomes available.

Gas prices increased by 10 cents on Tuesday with the price of regular gas rising to $4.85 per gallon.