San Nicolas touts congressional achievements; Underwood wants answers to allegations


Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas says his active engagement in the national debate has benefited Guam during the past year and a half that he has been the island’s representative in the U.S. House.

K57’s Phil Leon Guerrero this week wrapped up his series of interviews with the three delegate candidates Thursday by asking Guam’s Congressman about his record during his first term in Congress.

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“That strategy has worked very, very well for us over the last year and a half. Guam has been very active in the Natural Resources Committee and most especially in the Financial Services Committee. We’ve been contributing a great deal to the national dialogue on a whole host of issues. And in turn, when we come back and say can we get some attention for war claims, can we get some attention for our unemployment, can we get some attention for making sure we’re included in relief efforts? … Those requests are immediately met with positive responses,” San Nicolas said.

San Nicolas declined to discuss the House Ethics Committee investigation into allegations that he accepted excessive campaign contributions and had an affair with one of his staffers. He said his lawyers have advised him not to comment.

His Democratic challenger, Dr. Robert Underwood, issued a news release yesterday following the K-57 interview saying the allegations are serious.

Underwood campaign spokesman Nolan Flores accused San Nicolas of “lawyering up, when his responsibility as delegate is to share with the public exactly what he did or did not do.”

San Nicolas will face Underwood in the Democratic primary in August. If that primary is canceled, as a bill now under consideration calls for, it will be a three-way race in November between San Nicolas, Underwood, and Republican Wil Castro.