Congressman, Governor working to get Medicaid extension for Guam


Each in their own way.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and Congressman Michael San Nicolas are working to extend beyond November the Medicaid funding Guam desperately needs.

The governor today announced a victory in that effort, saying that a revised interpretation of the continuing budget resolution recently passed by Congress will provide Guam access to $42 million in Medicaid funding through Nov. 21, not the $100,000 originally expected.

And there will not be a need to find matching funds locally because the reimbursement will be 100 percent.

The longer-term solution is finding funding after Nov. 21.

Congressman Michael San Nicolas issued a statement today, saying he is working with fellow members of the House that will extend 100 percent Medicaid funding for Guam and others through the end of fiscal year 2022.

The governor says she plans on meeting with San Nicolas on that issue when he returns to Guam next week.