San Nicolas working to link Guam Museum with Smithsonian


Congressman Michael San Nicolas is seeking an appointed point of contact from Governor Leon Guerrero to initiate an official affiliate relationship between the Guam Museum and the Smithsonian.

In a letter to the governor, San Nicolas said he hopes to open up more opportunities for collaboration, program support, grant funding, and exhibit sharing between the Guam Museum and the Smithsonian to showcase Guam’s history and heritage in America and bring Smithsonian exhibits and resources to the Guam Museum.

“The oversight of the Smithsonian is under House administration in the U.S. Congress, and they have established official affiliate relationships with museums across the country,” San Nicolas wrote in the letter. “I approached the Chair and informed her of my desire to extend this same relationship to our Guam Museum, to bring greater exposure of our history while also increasing our people’s exposure to the vast collections of the Smithsonian.”

San Nicolas added that an official affiliate relationship will help expand Smithsonian exhibits on Guam, and if properly coordinated with Guam’s visitor industry, this would be an added draw for tourism and result in more revenues for the island’s economy.