San Vicente Catholic School Permanently Closes Its Doors


In education news – the island will say farewell to one of its private schools.

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Through a majority vote, San Vicente Catholic School will be closing its doors permanently

Effective immediately the Archdiocese of Agana announced the official closure of San Vicente Catholic School.

According to the AOA, there is no recourse but to close the school today because student enrollment has dropped by more than 50 percent and families and parents need to make immediate arrangements for the education of their children.

In an Interview with PNC Tony Diaz, Director of Communications for the Archdiocese of Agana said, the superintendent Father Val Rodriguez met with the three advisory councils of the Archdiocese and very proficient members of the finance community looked at the facts on enrollment and operation expenses and all though the decision wasn’t easy a majority vote came to the conclusion of San Vicente’s closing.

Diaz said, ” really its almost a self revelation you look at the enrollment in one case we had one class a kindergarten class with one student you don’t need experts to really say you can’t sustain that but san vicente has a big big heart and a big place in our history and were sad but we will move on .”