PLAYOFF RACE HEATING UP! And no one is hotter right now, than the Okkodo Bulldogs. They had a chance to top the champs!

GUAM – CHANGING OF THE GUARD, in the IFL!. Okkodo Bulldogs hosted their field mates the two time defending champions, the Sanchez Sharks. All-around, Bulldog, All-STAR, Leeray Zapatos was in BEASTMODE! He turned in a rushing T.D., threw for two scores. and ON DEFENSE he had a sack and an Interception. Okkodo get the offense going at a critical time. Right before the half, it’s Zapatos, hitting John Anthony Cruzfor a 40 yard strike and run the score to 7-zip at halftime. Bulldogs struggle with blocking assignments to start the 3rd. Finally, though they get their rhythm going, and in a big way! Okkodo offense complete a long drive that resulted in a second BULLDOG TOUCHDOWN! Sharks showing toughness, nearly breaking off some big special team plays. Sanchez can’t score to save the shutout OR the season. Sharks get sunk 22-0 up north. Okkodo will meet undefeated, G.W. for the first time all season.