Sanctuary to conduct annual youth conference virtually


Sanctuary is having their annual youth conference for the first time virtually.

With the new Covid-19 restrictions, the conference is unable to take place at Pacific Star which is where it’s usually held.

Youth conference organizer Cheyenne Songsong says they were able to make this work digitally, stressing the importance of the conference.

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“I know a lot of the concern with our youth now, you know, there’s an ongoing opioid epidemic. There’s a lot of ways some of the youth gearing towards substance use is to cope with the hardships they’re going through. A part of what we want to do is reach out to the youth, to let them know that there are so many other ways to do, to take charge of your own life, and to be too cool to do drugs. Some kids think it’s cool but we want to get the message out there that it’s even cooler that you’re not on drugs,” Songsong said.

The Too Cool To Do Drugs Virtual Youth Conference will be held on Sept. 12 from 9 am to 5 pm. Those who want to participate must register by September 10. In addition, middle and high school students can earn service learning hours through this event.