SandCastle presents first ever tiger cubs born on Guam


The Baldyga Group’s award-winning dinner theater announced two new members to the SandCastle family, which is also a first for Guam.

Xena and Alita, two orange, female tiger cubs, are the first-ever tiger cubs born on island.

The cubs, who are sisters, were born in November to mother Tikara, a 4-year-old white Bengal tiger, and father Cesar.

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Those four, along with two other white Bengal females (Nepal and Shanti) make up the six tigers that perform in the shows for SandCastle.

Xena and Alita will join the show as soon as they’re ready, but the focus now is to ensure they are healthy and well taken care of, which can be tedious but also rewarding.

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The cubs, Xena and Alita, will debut throughout the month of February and are expected to be the future for shows at SandCastle.