Sandy Flores is the new CAHA director

Sandy Flores (PNC photo)

The Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency has a new director.

CAHA was established in 1967 by the late Dr. Pedro Sanchez under UOG. It was previously called the Insular Arts Council.

The agency was dedicated to the development of music, visual arts, cultural heritage, literature, and arts education.

CAHA’s acting director, Sandy Flores, attained her position on June 7th and will be the official director once she is sworn in by the legislature.

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In yesterday’s interview with K57’s Tony Lamorena, Flores stated that CAHA has just become an independent agency in the government.

Flores stated that one of the newest updates with CAHA is that they are moving into their new gallery space. She stated that the opening of the gallery space will be during the Arts and Humanities Month of October of this year.

Flores had this to say about one of the major goals that CAHA hopes to accomplish.

“Our really big goal is to show the real commitment of our island for our arts and humanities by laying the groundwork for the first-ever permanent place for our arts and humanities and pursuing an arts and humanities building that is accessible to everyone and can really be a showcase our arts on the island,” she said.

In order to abide by COVID guidelines and to help keep Guam’s community safe, artists are able to apply for grants from CAHA online. If needed, the artist can contact CAHA for a physical copy of the grant application.

“We are soliciting for artists to apply for our grants. You can go online to and push a button, push the link and apply online, entirely online. We have several categories… I really challenge people to be open-minded because we’re really able to serve so many communities. We’ve got our underserved communities, as well as the visual arts… and so forth. We have programs for the homeless, programs for the disabled, it up to the artist what they can bring into these different categories we offer,” Flores said.

Currently, the categories for grant proposals as stated on CAHA’s website are:

Arts and Humanities in times of crisis;

Keeping your distance;

Sustaining the arts and humanities; and

Arts and humanities.

The deadline for grant applications is July 31st.


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