Santa Marian Kamalin Will be Leading this Year’s 78th Liberation Day Parade


For the first time in history, Santa Marian Kamalin will be leading this year’s 78th year Liberation Day Parade

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This liberation day, Santa Maria Kamalin will be joining the liberation parade along with other floats and new surprises.

Monsignor Benavente sent a letter to the clergy explaining the decision to allow Santa Maria Kamalin to lead and open the route on Marine Corps drive.

Monsignor James LG. Benavente, Pastor & Rector – Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica stated, “It made absolute perfect sense because it is now an opportunity with regard to where we are at now to express our gratitude to god and so our lady is one that we turn to when to express our gratitude not just in times we really needed her but also now that things are getting better its an expression of our gratitude to god.”

During the parade she will be enclosed in a protective box and positioned in the back of a truck.

Mayor Jesse Alig, MCOG President stated, “We feel that as a historical icon as a historical figure for us in our chamorro culture it was important that we remember her that she was a part of our history during the war and she was a part of our history during this covid pandemic and that she helped us get through both the war and the pandemic.”

During last week’s Adelup press conference Mayor Jesse Alig said that the reason she is so prominent in these liberation festivities is because she the island’s grand marshall.

Saying that she is the person that most CHamoru’s most relied on with faith and through prayer that we overcame the atrocities of war and the covid pandemic.

Moreover, Camping grounds by Marine Corps Drive will be free this year and on top of that, those grounds will have power as well so make sure to sign up for those starting on July 13th at 9 am because there are only 219 slots available along the parade route.

In addition, in the past entities had to pay to enter the parade whether you had a float or a marching unit but this year it is also completely free.

Althea Engman
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