Santa Rita Wins 1st Place for Liberation Float For 8th Year in a Row


This is the 8th year in a row that the village of Santa Rita has taken first place for the village float category of the Liberation day parade.


Here are the 72nd Liberation Day Parade Float/Entry winners:

Village Category 

1st Place: Santa Rita

2nd Place: Agat

3rd Place: Asan-Maina 

Government of Guam Category 

1st Place:  Guam Department of Public Works      

2nd Place:Port Authority of Guam  

3rd Place: Guam Power Authority/Guam WaterWorks Authority 

Non-Government/Civic/Community/Non-Profit Category 

1st  Place: TaTuHa Inc.

2nd Place: Isa Guam/LGBTQ RainBows

3rd Place: Royal Princess Ciara Tainatongo / Mr. Jesse Alig


The Floats were judged on the following criteria: 

1. Theme Portrayal;

2. Creativity;

3. Attractiveness;

4. Use of Natural Materials;

5. Construction;

6. Kinetic features (movements, mechanical enhancements);

7. Sound (music, sound effects);

8. Participant involvement and;

9. Overall display.