Santiago Top Basin Surfer, Results


Barrigada, Guam –– Despite less than optimal wave conditions, the fourth annual Surf the Basin surfing and body-boarding competition, sponsored by Monster Energy Drink and organized by Guahan Napu Inc., saw nearly 30 contestants signed up to compete in four categories.  The competitors battled challenging inconsistent three- to occasional four-feet choppy waves and onshore winds most of the day.  The final standings of each division are as follows:

Junior division

1st place: Napu Taimanglo

2nd place: Jared Brandon Gogue

3rd place:  Joshua James Gogues

4th place:  Chad Cruz


Longboard division

1st place: Joeito Santiago

2nd place: Ken Concepcion

3rd place:  Kenny Pier

4th place:  JJ Sandstrom

Bodyboard division

1st place:  Carl Dela Cruz

2nd place:  Brian Cruz

3rd place:  John Barber

4th place:  Joe Santos

Shortboard surfing division

1st place: Joeito Santiago

2nd place: Shane Pier

3rd place:  Aaron Taylor

4th place:  Edd Lacuata

In addition to Monster Energy Drink, the event was supported by Primo Surf, PROA Restaurant, Fokai Industries, Lotus Surf Shop, DaKine, DNA Evo, Ripcurl, Arnette,  Tumon Bay Lobster & Grill, the Guam Fishermenʼs Co-op and Docomo Pacific.  For more information about Surf The Basin IV, contact Willi Byerly at 483-1376 or e-mail to