Sardoma Prison Phone Call Not Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege, Prosecution Argues


Guam – Rival attorneys in the Sardoma drug trial are at odds over a prison phone call alleged drug king pin Mateo Sardoma had with his girlfriend, also a defendant in the case, Maria Cristina Edrosa.

Sardoma’s is on trial in Federal Court accused of being the “Drug Kingping of Dope on Guam.” Sardoma, Edrosa and Sardoma’s alleged enforcer, Rudy P.H. Sablan are facing numerous drug and firearms charges, including continuing criminal enterprise, conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine or ice, use and possession of firearms by convicted felons and disposal of a firearm to a convicted felon. The case involves about 10 pounds of meth worth over $1.5 million.

Sardoma’s defense counsel, Attorney Curtis Van De Veld, has moved to discard the controversial phone call from evidence, arguing that the call is not admissible into evidence because Sardoma should have been protected by attorney-client privilege, which would make the entire phone call off-limits.

However, lead prosecutor US Assistant Attorney Fred Black countered that the attorney-client privilege does not apply because Sardoma was not talking with his attorney in this phone call.

“They are not lawyers and, therefore, their communications are not privileged,” Black argues.

Furthermore, Black contends that Sardoma cannot argue that both he and Edrosa thought the conversation was made in confidence “as the Pay-Tel recording system gives notice that the call will be recorded and is subject to monitoring.”

An evidentiary hearing on the matter has been scheduled today where both attorneys will argue over the admissibility of the phone call into evidence. It starts at 1 pm at the District Court of Guam.