SAT 10 Scores Show Improvement Over Last Year; Math Still a Challenge


Guam – The results of the Stanford Achievement Test, 10th Edition [SAT 10] show improvements in various subject across all grade levels.

The SAT 10 tests were administered to the island public school students last May and the scores were announced Saturday at a workshop held at the Marriott in Tumon. At the workshop school principles, teachers and parents were given a chance to review the scores to see the strengths and weaknesses of the results and determine what the priorities should be for the school year ahead.

Underwood told PNC News that the results show “a steady improvement in key areas compared to prior years.” However she acknowledged that the scores still trail national averages and Math, in particular continues to be a challenge challenge.
“Historically Math has always been a challenging subject for our students,” said Underwood.  However she says the results will give schools a chance to make positive changes to do better on next years SAT 10.”


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