SAT10 Scores Show Students Continue to Fall Behind in Math, Reading, and Language


Math scores get progressively worse as students move through high school

Guam – SAT 10 scores for the Island’s Public School students have remained below the national average for several years but while results showed improvements in the 2012-2013 school year, the results of 2013-2014 show an overall decline.

The results are published in the Annual State of Public Education Report which was completed by Superintendent Jon Fernandez in compliance with public law.

In most grade levels the report shows more students testing at below basic or basic proficiency in core subject areas rather than in the proficient and advanced categories. Differences are slight when compared by grade level however a more notable difference is shown in the results that compare cohort groups. The cohort analysis shows how the performance levels change as students progress through the school system.

Also of note is that math scores get progressively lower as students move through high school.

To read the report download the attachment below.