Satisfactory Turnout in Response to PUA Overpayment Forms


The Guam Department of Labor gave a report following Monday’s deadline to submit PUA overpayment forms.

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Director of the Guam Department of Labor, Dave Dell’Isola, reported a satisfactory turnout in response to the extended application deadline, as GDOL now has 600 plus applications to consider for approval or denial on a case-by-case basis.

Expanding on the case-by-case nature of the approval or denial process, Dell’Isola said he has the power to waive collections if it was no fault of the recipients– due to confusion or misunderstanding.

However, in an interview with NewstalkK57’s Patti Arroyo this morning, he provided a scenario in which an individual’s application may be denied.

Director Dell’isola said, “A circumstance where they knowingly they were fired, and they knew they were fired and they knew that they didn’t qualify or understood that they weren’t qualified and they continued to file for PUA.” He added, “They didn’t show up for work, or because the people were calling them and they refused to come in, and they knowingly were told that if you don’t come into work, you’re going to be terminated and you don’t qualify for PUA and they still did it anyway. That’s where they semi-fraud or misrepresentation where they knew that weren’t qualified, but they went ahead and applied.”

Again, due to the case-by-case review process, Dell’Isola asks the community for patience regarding their application of waiver status.