Saturday’s fatal car crash happened because driver fell asleep

A family member puts flowers on the site where Karimy Liwis Ludwig died in a car crash on Saturday along Route 2A in Santa Rita just after 2 a.m. early morning.

A family is reeling from the loss of their mother, Karimy Liwis Ludwig, the woman who died in a car crash on Saturday along Route 2A in Santa Rita just after 2 a.m. early morning.

Reisy Ludwig was behind the wheel when tragedy struck, after being picked up from work by his wife Karimy and picking up their nephew. The three were headed to their home in Agat when Reisy dozed off.

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“Almost reached the house but we have an accident. I don’t know, I just fell asleep like very fast and I wake up and I already hit the tree,” Reisy said.

One of seven siblings, Karimy’s youngest sister had just visited her early that day, not knowing that it would be Karimy’s last.

“Only in the morning, that’s when I find out what happened so I had to rush to Naval to check because I had to go pick him up first cuz he needs a ride. So I pick him up, we went to Naval, and when we went there my nephew was already there in the hospital at the ICU. So when I asked information regarding my sister, they never told me anything so from that moment I know that something happened already,” the sister said.

Reisy walked away from the crash while the nephew is still recovering in ICU. Karimy, however, did not make it. She leaves behind two teenage daughters and a toddler son.

Her daughters, in the midst of their grief, share memories of their mom.

Kermy Ludwig, the 14-year-old daughter said: “She was nice. She was the best mom.”

Reimy Ludwig, the oldest daughter, said: “She was a loving mom she was very nice and funny. She really cared about us and you know not seeing her here, you know, it breaks my heart because every day I always see my mom.”

The family says they are waiting for an autopsy to be completed so that they may move forward with funeral arrangments.