Savares: Mayors Council agrees Blas resignation would be ‘the most honorable thing’

Former Yona mayor Jesse Blas (file photo)

Mayors Council President Melissa Savares says the island’s mayors are agreed that “the most honorable thing” for jailed Mayor Jesse Blas to do is resign.

Blas has been in jail since his September arrest on federal extortion and bribery allegations.

During an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo, Savares said Blas requested — and the Mayors Council sent him — two draft resignation letters. Savares said it is her understanding that Blas is now contemplating submitting his resignation and she expects him to do so very soon.

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“We are hoping for the best but we believe that this is the most honorable thing that he can do as a mayor. And then, should he be cleared, there’s more respect at the end for that,” Savares said.

Although in prison, the Yona mayor has taken leave and continues to receive his mayoral salary. However, Savares noted that Mayor Blas’ leave expires next week and he will no longer have that salary.