Schedule Set for This Weekends Davis Cup Tennis Matches


Guam – The Davis Cup Draw results are listed below:

The winner of this weekend’s relegation play off will remain in Group II Asia/Oceania Zone, while the losing nation will drop down to Group III.

10 a.m. Friday
West Nott (Pacific Oceania) vs Shahin Khaledan (Iran)

Followed by
Michael Leong (Pacific Oceania) vs Rouzbeh Kamran (Iran)

1 p.m. Saturday
Cyril Jacobe/Daniel Llarenas (Pacific Oceania) vs. Ashkan Shokoofi/Seyed Akbar Taheri Rahaghi (Iran)

10 a.m. Friday
Michael Leong (Pacific Oceania) vs. Shahin Khaledan (Iran)

Followed by
West Nott (Pacific Oceania) vs Rouzbeh Kamran (Iran)

Team lineup.JPG: From left to right: Seyed Akbar Taheri Rahaghi, Rouzbeh Kamran, Shahin Khaledan and Ashkan Shokoofi (all representing
Iran), West Nott, Daniel Llarenas, Michael Leong (at back), Cyril Jacobe and Cyrille Mainguy (all representing Pacific Oceania)