Schindler Formally Offered the Position of GMH Administrator


Guam – The Vice-Chairman of the GMH Board, Albert Gurusamy, has acknowledged that Lawrence Schindler has been officially offered the job of Administrator of Guam Memorial Hospital.

The admission was made this morning [Tuesday] during an informal round-table on GMH called by Health Committee Chair Senator Dennis Rodriguez.

Schindler arrived on Guam Sunday at the invitation of the GMH Board which during its October 10th meeting announced that he was their top choice for the Administrator’s position, although he had not been formally offered the job at that time. He has not yet formally accepted the position that has now been offered to him.

Schindler is currently the Director of  Operations and Business Development at the University of Nevada School of Medicine in Reno Nevada.

He was invited to come to Guam this week to meet the hospital staff and various officials and allow them to meet him before the formal offer was made.

The announcement today that that offer has already been made to Schindler came as a surprise to Committee Chair Rodriguez who said:  “Now your saying that you actually choose him .. because initially it was thought that this is something that you were bringing him here to interview him.”

“You know we had local talent here …and I was hoping that it remained that way because you really have to know …the challenges that happen here.”

Rodriquez added that “I did have some concerns …the challenges of the hospital are very unique here in Guam … and so we’ve gone down this road in the past where we have brought in an off island administrator and it just didn’t work out.”