School bus drivers will not do temperature checks on students

School buses (PNC file photo)

School bus drivers will not do temperature checks on students before they board buses.

During a Guam Education Board work session, GDOE Deputy Superintendent Erica Cruz encouraged parents to do temperature checks on their children before going to school.

The reason is that Department of Public Works personnel will not conduct them due to safety reasons.

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“A part of our concern too is that we don’t want, especially our elementary school students, if they were to do a temperature check and a student has a fever, that they’re going to be sent away, sent home and may not have someone at home The DPW protocol submitted to Public Health does not include temperature checks on students. However, face masks and physical distancing are required,” Cruz said.

She added: “They still feel that it is a safety issue for their bus drivers to be able to manage students and also drive a school bus.”

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says that he understands DPW’s concerns and he’ll revisit the matter at a later date.

“I’ve discussed this with them (DPW) and we take the temperature checks when they exit the busses and enter the schools. That’s how we are able to identify at that point. I’ve discussed this with Public Works. I mean, they raised a good point and at this point, the bus ridership is so low that the distancing in itself is a good mitigation effort because we’re only getting 3-5 students on a bus at one time. But I’ll bring it up again as we move towards school reopening and raise it with Public Health,” Fernandez said.

He added that Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio is also looking at potentially installing cameras on school buses to help in contact tracing.