School festival stresses importance of reading

Mount Carmel students presented and advocated for their favorite authors and novels.

Last Friday, students at Mount Carmel School hosted their 2nd Annual Favorite Author & Novel Festival.

Mount Carmel students presented and advocated for their favorite authors and novels. One student, Tabaaha Yellowhorse, said he typically enjoys reading comics, but for his project, he took on Agatha Christie’s mystery novel “And then there were none.”

“It was really nice. They put a lot of plot into it and they never really showed who killed them and that was the best part because you got to find out at the end,” he said.

Chloe Vidallon said this project allowed her to read more than usual, which according to her is about five books a week.

“I like this project. It’s really interesting to read and I would recommend it to other people to read and this project was actually exciting for me to do. It got me to read a bit more books than usual,” Vidallon said.

Mount Carmel’s reading program encourages the enjoyment of books and reading, which Mike Phillips, chair of the school’s alumni association, believes is important for academic success.

Our hope and our goal is that they fall further in love with reading. A lot of kids love to read but they only read a certain area. But when they start reading literature and the classics, it really prepares them for high school and college and really … life. if they spend their free time reading the classics and literature and novels, I believe they’ll go a lot further than spending their time on their cellphones or their iPads. And so that’s what we try to do,” Phillips said.

Phillips hopes that these types of programs will help students nurture their love for reading and learning.