School is Now Back In Session for GDOE Schools

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

School is now back in session. Today is the first day back to school for Guam Department of Education Students

Reporting from school grounds is PNC’s Damen Michael

Earlier this morning students filled the halls of GDOE schools as they returned back to face-to-face learning. PNC took a trip down to Simon A. Sanchez High School to observe how the first day of school was going.

Back to school kicked off with Simon Sanchez’s administration playing music and greeting students as they walked the pathway to the main hall.

In an interview with PNC Carla MasnayonPrincipal of Simon A. Sanchez High School said, ” well we just started the day the first bell just rang you know we are waiting for students o get to class but we are very excited to receive our students and normally we come out and greet them, they are coming in first day of school so they look like they just woke up but we are hoping and hoping we have a really good school year this year .”

Students filled the halls conversing with friends and staff. PNC observed a classroom of students being able to enjoy group work and icebreakers without the need for social distancing, mask-wearing, or any other covid related restrictions.

With Guam moving forward from a pandemic state to what Masnayon calls a state of normalcy, students are hopefully expecting a school experience that reflects pre-pandemic school years.

One of the big changes that Simon Sanchez is implementing is not requiring the usage of face masks, however face masks are highly recommended.

In an interview with principal Masnayon, she tells PNC that she is hoping that this school year will bring more community interaction.

Masnayon said, ” We are hoping to get more experiences with connecting with our community, because of the pandemic in the last couple of years we kind of hold back in our civic engagement like sending our students out in our community. so we wanna do a little more of that because it is a part of our school mission having our students be civically engaged.”

Furthermore, Masnayon adds they want to work more on bringing awareness and providing support for mental health among their students and staff. She added they want to be able to provide the tools necessary in spotting signs and helping one another.

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