Schools One Step Closer to Getting Security Cameras

After about two years, the Guam Department of Education is at the tail end of getting security cameras for the 35 public schools around the island.

Guam – The General Services, who’s in charge of the procurement process, received GDOE’s purchase order today, which certifies that the funds are available, and is now waiting for the approval from the Attorney General’s Office. 


According to GDOE Acting Deputy Superintendent Chris Anderson explains that once GSA approves the purchase order and gets the approval from the AG’s Office, GSA can then issue the award to the vendor.

GDOE will then give the Notice to Proceed to the vendor and discuss with the vendor several topics such as which schools are priority and how long it’ll take to install the security cameras.

Anderson says, “The Secure Our Schools Act, from its inception, is important to try to ensure or mitigate the number of break-ins and vandalisms that was being experienced by the department. That also translates to loss instruction and additional costs to GDOE and the government as a whole. As we’ve been these recent bomb threats, these cameras can assist in that regard.”
GSA Robert Kono says he hopes they receive the aproval tomorrow so they can proceed with the procurement process. He explains that any procurement that costs more than half a million dollars require the AG’s approval.


  1. I speak for myself in saying the following. I’m sick and tired of hearing about the bidding process and that fact that there have been no protests. It’s taken 2 1/2 years for this project to get started. Incredible! It may take even more time to put the systems in place all the while schools continue to be vandalized. GDOE surely is the poster child for incompetence when it comes to securing our schools in a timely manner.

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