Senator Cruz Seeks Clarification From Navy On Buildup Funding


Guam – Vice-Speaker Senator B.J. Cruz is seeking clarification from the Navy the funding plans for the military buildup on Guam.

According to a release from the Vice-Speaker’s Office, Cruz has sent letters to both U.S. Navy Under Secretary Robert Work and Assistant Secretary Jackalyne Phannensteil.

Read Vice-Speaker Cruz’s letter

In it he asks for clarification on the sums of money which are to be committed to support the Marine Relocation to Guam.

The letter follows a meeting Thursday between Work and island lawmakers, in which Work stated a billion dollars in projects hinge on the signing of the Programmatic Agreement. Cruz questions the enormity of the federal government’s commitment to the buildup.

“I would like for you to clarify on what ‘billions dollars in projects’ entails because in the Fiscal Year 2011 Defense Appropriation only $567 million has been authorized for Guam construction projects,” Cruz wrote.

“However, the only real commitment made, thus far, for buildup-specific projects was for $50 million from the Department of Defense to the Port of Guam and a small planning grant to the Office of the Governor from the Office of Economic Adjustment.”

Cruz also asked Work to review a myriad of letters he has sent to the Department of the Navy and various members of the Obama Administration.

According to Cruz, many of the letters did not receive any responses